Who is CanFly Adventure

CanFly started at Varkala in 2008, a group of Friends use to start to fly in Paragliding on a small cliff on the coast of South Kerala state. It became a famous place in South India for Paragliding and at the same times a lot of new activities come like Surfing, Stand Up Paddle or Kayaking. Varkala was already famous for Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine but now the place give multiple chose for enjoy your times there.

With the weather in South India, dry winter times and rains in summer CanFly decided to spend sometimes of the year in Millau, South of France where it a second place for enjoy outdoor activities. Varkala and Millau are a very confortable place to  get adventure. Find more

Paragliding Millau

Tropical vibe with Sunshine warranty, welcome in Varkala for enjoys our flights on the coast. Few cliffs give a nice area for experiment Paragliding flight. Find more here


Millau in Aveyron is a perfect place for Paragliding and that’s why we spend our times in this beautiful country side. Find more here

You can find all outdoor activities in Millau like canyoning, kayaking, climbing… . Visit the website of the “Office du tourisme” of Millau, link.

Stand Up Paddle, Kayak and Surf in Varkala

With the sea and backwater of Kerala you can like to discovery this nice country with our Stand Up Paddle or Kayak, Surfing the wave of Kerala west coast. All this in local atmosphere and typical culture of India.

Paragliding, Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Surfing

Eco Activities

We love playing with natural effect of the nature. All of our activities or sports are eco-activities and we have one of the first position to watch the drama of what our society made. That’s why we give you the chance to get Adventure with our service and protect the environment. 

Since 2002 we spend times in the sky of many different place around the world. We chose 2 point for welcome you.

Varkala in Kerala state, Ouest coast of India with a nice cliff where soaring and waga  in front of the sea is just amazing

Millau is South of France, it's a mix of mountain and flat country side with many activities possible with this nice landscape. Fly in Paragliding in Millau became possible at the beginning of the activity in around 1980. The table mountain around Millau make very special Air condition that’s why Millau became famous for Paragliding flights.

Where is Varkala

Millau & Viaduc

Varkala is a small town in South of India on the ouest coast of Kerala state. It’s a very special place where Paragliding flights, Kitesurfing, Surfing… are possible. Adventure & culture, India is a very nice country where you can find every things in one trip. Find the map

Like to come in Varkala

Millau is a city of South of France at 1 hours from Montpellier and 2.30 from Toulouse. On the highway A75, Millau is a easy destination.

All outdoor activities are possible in Millau, Paragliding but also Climbing, Canyoning, Trekking, Kayaking… .

Millau is also famous by his Viaduc. Find the map

Like to come in Millau

India Varkala

Hi, we have the pleasure to welcome you in Varkala for discovery the area with our different eco activities.

Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking or Surfing for our water sports and Paragliding.


With over 18 years experience we have flown in some amazing places; France, Switzerland, Spain, India and Nepal finally making our home between Varkala, Kerala and Millau, France where we can enjoy many months of the year flying.

Previous to Varkala we ran a Paragliding school in the Alps which included teaching individuals to fly and tandem flights to take in the spectacular views. At the same times we was enjoying many different adventure activities.

The idea came from this times where everybody was sharing there own experience. 

We return in France when the Kerala Monsoon starts and flying in Kerala becomes unsafe.

Since 2007 we have flown in Varkala, both solo & tandem flights, covering many hours of flight time to bring you the best and safest experience. We use to introduce our water activities few years after for find the same spirit of our times in the Alps. 

Millau became our second house for welcome you in France. We chose this place because like Varkala many adventure activities are possible.

At 1 hours from Mediterranean coast, Millau get a lucky geographic situation.  Get in touch to find out more.

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