Where is MILLAU

Millau is a city of South of France at 1 hours from Montpellier and 2.30 from Toulouse. On the highway A75, Millau is a easy destination.

All outdoor activities are possible in Millau, Paragliding but also Climbing, Canyoning, Trekking, Kayaking… .

Millau is also famous by his Viaduc.

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Tandem Flights in Paragliding

Every day from morning times we start to fly with children or any light people who want discovery our sport by a peace way. In the afternoon it’s more adventurous but totally accessible for any one looking for a good adrenalin. Deferent type of flights, peace, acrobatic or long. Your instructor will give you some basic class for help you to understand how we arrive to fly. Paragliding Millau welcome you and your friends or family for a unique experience. 

Where are our take off and landing place

Our first take off happen on the “Puncho d’ Agast” at 840 metres”. When we fly there, our landing happen near the Tarn river, 2 landing but use most of the times the big one opposite of “Millau plage” camping near the river.

The second place is calling “Brunas”, it’s on the “Larzac” table mountain at 10 minutes from Millau. You can see the Viaduc from the take off and take some nice photo of the city. We can land near to where we take off or in the valley at 5 minutes by shuttle.

The last place, “Novis”, is at 30 Minutes from Millau in North direction. We go there only when the wind come from South. Nice country side near the Tarn Canyon where you can organise a daily trip the day of your flight. We try to inform you as early as we can of the place of your flight (s).

Map of Millau



5 to 10 Minutes

Every morning from 9am to 12pm

Perfect way for discovery the activity, calm air in the morning times, very nice for children.

65 €



Around 20 Minutes

Every afternoon from 1pm to 7pm

Thermal flight with the birds, who looking for adventure, this is a good chose.


85 €



45 Minutes When it’s possible

Objectif is to stay and travelling in the sky. If the weather is perfect we can visit Millau and around in one flight.

160 €