You can fly in Millau


If you ever plan on coming to Millau between the months of May and September, let yourself be swept aloft by the winds as you gently glide around the Viaduc of Millau and the beautiful countryside of L'Aveyron.

A professional pilot is ready to take you into the sky for you to discover the magic of our sport!

      Who can fly in Tandem flights


We cater to children who have the capacity to express his or her interests to fly, all the way to seniors who wish to take to the air! Morning flights are more suited for younger passengers or lightweight adults, or those simply wanting to have a less bumpy ride.

Afternoon flights are more dynamic because of the wind conditions and thermal activity. You are free to decide which type of flight is best for you and at any time during the flight the pilot is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. 

If you have any doubts about your capacity just contact us and ask!

Flying times

From 9am we start our Morning flights with children and light body weight but if you like to come at 11am that’s possible.


At 1 pm we are usually able to start our afternoon flights. Classic flights or our longer one (45mins), we can stay in the sky until sunset when days are perfect.

Morning flights. 9am to 11am

Afternoon Flights. 1pm to 6pm 


** These times are to give you an idea of when our morning flights and afternoon flights are scheduled. You will need to confirm with us 1 day before your flight the exact time. 

               Price to fly in Paragliding

       Morning Flight - 5 to 10 minutes.  60 Euros

       Afternoon Flight - Around 20 minutes. 85 Euros

       Long Flight - Minimum 45 minutes.   160 Euros

For Afternoon flights you can get an Acrobatic option for 25 Euros extra.


         We offer a Video and Photo package of your flight and you'll receive an SD card at the end for 25 Euros.


How to book your flight?



Rond point du giratoire, 12100 MILLAU

Type of Flight

   - Morning Flights, 5 to 10 minutes, 60€

   -Afternoon Flights, around 20 minutes, 85€

   -Long Flights, around 45minutes & more. 160€

Body weight

   It’s approximate We will need to know just to organise when it will be best suited for take off.


   Tell us when you plan to be in Millau.

We let you know as early as possible.

Best Regards

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